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Welcome to the Expanse

You are an explorer on the verge of discovering an uncharted continent. Disembark in the untamed wilds and start your journey. Build a settlement, explore the lands and unravel the secrets of the vast expanse. Will you succumb to the nefarious side of corruption, or will you uphold justice. Your actions will reveal your true intentions and the path you take shall forever live in your Memoir!

What is Memoir?

The Memoir™ Trading Card Game is an adventure game played by one or more players. Each player builds a unique customized deck of Memoir™ cards that represents his or her destiny. You take the role of an explorer and build your first settlement in the expanse. Build structures, find relics and gather allies to explore the expanse and solve quests. You win the game by pledging your allegiance to the six alignments.

For who is it?

Memoir™ is suited for players thfat love collectible card games and for players that like easy access to the cards they need to play. Whether you love to collect and track down cards for your collection and personalize the look of your deck, or whether you love card games but do not wish to commit as much time and effort to the game, Memoir™ is the right game for you.

The Memoir™ coreset features non-random set of cards to start playing alone or with your friends. Purchase booster packs to open a random set of cards for your collection and subscribe to the campaign pack to receive new quests every other month.

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